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Poetry, Martin Luther King, & What Humanity Hopes For
Reenactment of the Transcontinental Railroad Opening Celebration
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As we continue to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we report on a recently published article honoring the Federal holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King. This article begins with a poem, "Something Else Should Die," written in 1968 just hours after reports of the murder of Martin Luther King in Memphis. With simplicity and power, Eli Siegel relates Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln, men born a century apart, both tragically killed for opposing racism, the brutality of slavery, and economic exploitation.
Something Else Should Die
A poem with rhymes
By Eli Siegel
     In April 1865
     Abraham Lincoln died.
     In April 1968
     Martin Luther King Jr. died.
     Their purpose was to have
          us say, some day:
     Injustice died.
Mr. Siegel's great poem shows these men, though separated by time, as united in their purpose to have justice prevail.
Our Mission
We are glad to update you on our work to preserve the history of courageous individuals who have fought to end racism in this country, joining them proudly in that fight.
     That work is informed by the principles of Aesthetic Realism, the education founded by the poet and critic Eli Siegel. The cause of racism, he explained, is contempt--the addition to self through the lessening of what is not ourselves. Aesthetic Realism is the education that can have people feel that the greatest victory is in respecting other people, in seeing their feelings as real and deep as our own.

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