From the Director
This has been a big year for the Alliance of Ethics & Art (AEA), and we enthusiastically thank everyone who participated in and encouraged our events and oral history project. Thank you for enabling thousands of people to meet the knowledge that can end racism: Aesthetic Realism. In our travels we presented, free to the public, "The People of Clarendon County"--A Play by Ossie Davis, & the Answer to Racism! at
Tulane University Law School in New Orleans
North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh
                (January and June)
Elmont Memorial Library in Elmont, NY.

We are grateful for a grant from Puffin Foundation to explore how African Fannie Lou Hamer & Dr. Leo OrrisAmericans and Jews worked together for Civil Rights.
       At the left we see the beloved
Fannie Lou Hamer in Mississippi having her blood pressure taken by a white doctor who came from NYC to serve the cause of justice.
        Many interviews were videotaped for the oral history project, "The Force of Ethics in Civil Rights," in North Carolina, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, and New York. In North Carolina they included James E. Mills, the first African American mayor of Scotland Neck; Dr. John Mitchell Johnson, owner of Hamlin Drug Company in Raleigh, the oldest black-owned pharmacy in the state (est. 1907) and perhaps the country; Eugenia Ijames, who, in 1968 was the only black child in the first grade of Wakelon Elementary School in Zebulon, thus integrating the school.

                Eugenia Ijames, James Mills